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HDPE Pipes

HDPE Pipes

We have gained a trusted name for providing HDPE Pipes (High Density Poly-ethylene Pipes), which are known for their strength and flexibility. These HDPE Pipes are absolutely light weight, non-toxic, non-rusting, hygienic and maintenance free pipes. We deliver the best due to our uncompromising quest for excellence in providing the HDPE Pipes.

  • Salient Features of HDPE Pipes
  • Microbe free water supply : Hygienic
  • Non-toxic pipes : Prevention of health hazards
  • Resistant to corrosion & scaling/Incrustation
  • Chemically inert : Unchanged supplied water quality
  • Non Conductive : Resistance to Electric current & Heat
  • Low frictional losses : Low operation cost
  • Low initial cost : Economic
  • Lower installation cost : Economic
  • Lower weight and easy installation : Economic
    Absolutely maintenance free & long Life Span of 80 – 100 yrs

Size Availability : Size Availability : HDPE Pipes are available in size range from 20 mm to 250 mm & with pressure range from 2.5 to 16kgf/cm2. 

HDPE Pipes Are In Compliance With
Various national & International standards like

  • IS : 14151 HDPE Pipes for sprinkler Irrigation system
  • IS: 4984 HDPE Pipes for Potable Water Supply.

Technical & economic benefits of PE system

  • Highest 'C' value of over 150 throughout the life
  • Lowest frictional losses thus low pumping cost
  • Chemically-inert can carry acidic & alkaline fluids
  • No incrustation / scale formation-remains smooth bore, superior flow characteristic

Durability Of HDPE Pipes
The HDPE Pipe has an expected Life Span of 80 years, owing to the following reasons

  • A flexible pipe in long lengths
  • Weathering resistance extremely good
  • Joints are leak proof, very strong & don't buckle under soil load
  • Resistance to corrosion & abrasion
  • Excellent water hammer characteristics
  • Light weight easy to handle/ transport & installation

Comparison Of HDPE With PVC Solution
HDPE is a much superior solution than PVC as explained below

  • HDPE Pipes
    • HDPE pipes-a high pressure solution up-to 16 bar
    • HDPE weathering resistance extremely good
    • HDPE – A Flexible pipe in long lengths
    • HDPE joints are leak proof, very strong and do not buckle under soil load
    • HDPE pipes have fittings available up-to 16 kg/cm2
    • HDPE Pipes have complete adoptability with Gate valves, NRVs, Service connections & all kinds of Pumps due to their available fittings thus ideal for fluid supply systems
  • PVC Pipes
    • PVC generally in no pressure applications like drainage etc.
    • PVC extremely brittle
    • PVC extremely rigid with length limitation up to 6mtrs
    • PVC Joints buckle and crack under earth loads or ground movement
    • PVC fitting in complete range not available beyond 4 Kg/cm2
    • PVC Pipes have not all required fittings available for such adoptability thus limitations for fluid supply systems