About Us

About Us

Siddharth Polytubes Pvt. Ltd has been manufacturing under the brand name of “Classic” HDPE Pipes over fifteen years and has earned loyal support of thousands of customers. That loyalty does not come easily. We have been constantly updating our technology and have strictly adhered our principle of quality, you can be sure that the same uncompromising quest for excellence is applied in our HDPE piping systems.

Quality Standardizations
We are the ISO 9001:2015 Certified company engaged in manufacturing, supply and installation of PE Piping System. Here is the list of our products and the quality standards to which these comply with:

  • HDPE Pipes of size range from 20- 250mm with pressure range from 2.5 to 16 kgf/cm² under IS 4984:2016, which lays down the requirement of HDPE Pipes for Potable Water Supply for domestic uses, Lift Irrigation Systems, Dust Suppression Systems, Flushing of Industrial & Mines Effluents, de-watering system in mines and in many more applications in domestic, industrial & mines areas
  • HDPE Sprinkler Irrigation System (Pipes & Fittings) of size range from 63 to 160mm with pressure range from 2.5 to 6.0kgf/cm² under IS 14151:2008 Part-II, used for Dust Suppression System & Irrigation

working pressure range from 2.5 kgf/cm2 to 16 kgf/cm2 with recommended service temperature from -80°C to +70°C confirming to international & national standards like,

IS:4984:2016 HDPE Pipes for Potable Water Supply
IS:14151 (Part-II) HDPE Pipes for Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
IS:14333 HDPE Pipes for Sewerage and Industrial Effluents
DIN 8074 HDPE Pipes for Water Supply
ISO 4427  HDPE Pipes for Potable Water Distribution System      


Salient Features of HDPE Pipes:

Hygienic & Microbe free Water Supply. Healthy & reliable
Non-toxic Pipes. Prevention of health hazards
Resistant to Corrosion & Scaling / Incrustation.  Uniform flow rate throughout life
Chemically Inert. Unchanged supplied water quality
Non-conductive.  Resistance to ElectriCurrent/Heat
Low Frictional Losses.  Low operational cost
Low Initial Cost & Lower Installation Cost. Economical
Light Weight and Easy Installation.  Very quick installation
Absolutely Maintenance Free & Long Life Span.  50-100 yrs

Our Strengths

Here is what makes us a credible name in this domain:

  • Designing for all kinds of water supply, sewerage and effluent systems
  • Versatile and innovative products
  • Large manufacturing capacity
  • Financial and Technological strength to undertake large turnkey projects.

Nature Of Activities We Undertake
Manufacturing, Designing & Installation of HDPE Potable water supply system (Including house service connection), Sprinkler irrigation system, Dust Suppression system, Sewage & Industrial effluents conveyance system.

Organizational Activities

  • Infrastructural and Environmental Sector
  • Water supply schemes
  • Sewage piping system
  • House service connection
  • Water / Sewage/Waste treatment plant
  • DM Water plants

    Industrial Sector : Sugar, Chemical, Cement Pharmaceutical, Mining, Process & Food Industries

  • Conveyance of corrosive fluids, slurry & edible product
  • Ring & distribution lines for fire hydrant systems
  • Effluents/Waste disposal system
  • Dust suppression system

    Agricultural sector

  • Sprinkler irrigation system, HDPE coiled pipes as delivery/suction pipes in jet & submersible Pump application. Lift irrigation system
  • Also used in Landscaping, Lawn & Golf Course

Successful Projects
Some of our successfully completed projects are given hereunder:

  • Potable water supply systems for farmhouses & various residential colonies in many cities
  • Water cooling systems for cooling towers & slurry lines in various industries
  • D.M. water makeup systems in power plants, pulp carrying systems in food industries by replacing stainless steel pipes
  • Dust suppression systems & de-watering pipe lines in coal mines & transportation systems for various chemicals in chemical plants

In addition to the above mentioned projects, about 18 projects are ongoing in various cities for water supply system of new residential colonies, farm houses, medical & educational institutions.
Web Page: for Pipes and Fittings
We are reckoned as a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Pipes & Pipe Fittings, which are remarkable for their high strength. These Pipes & Pipe Fittings are well-acknowledged for being in compliance with the set industrial standards. Pipes & Pipe Fittings, we offer, can be availed in a variety of specifications matching with the requirements of the clients. We assure that these Pipes & Pipe Fittings are made using corrosion resistant materials.


  • Compression fittings like couplers, elbows end caps, saddles etc. Up-to 110 mm, PN 10 / PN 16
  • Molded and Fabricated fittings for pipes from 20 mm to 400 mm

Web Page: for HDPE Pipes
We have gained a trusted name for providing HDPE Pipes (High Density Poly-ethylene Pipes), which are known for their strength and flexibility. These HDPE Pipes are absolutely light weight, non-toxic, non-rusting, hygienic and maintenance free pipes. We deliver the best due to our uncompromising quest for excellence in providing the HDPE Pipes.

Salient Features of HDPE Pipes

  • Microbe free water supply : Hygienic
  • Non-toxic pipes : Prevention of health hazards
  • Resistant to corrosion & scaling/Incrustation
  • Chemically inert : Unchanged supplied water quality
  • Non Conductive : Resistance to Electric current & Heat
  • Low frictional losses : Low operation cost
  • Low initial cost : Economic
  • Lower installation cost : Economic
  • Lower weight and easy installation : Economic
  • Absolutely maintenance free & long Life Span of 80 – 100 yrs

Size Availability : Size Availability : HDPE Pipes are available in size range from 20 mm to 250 mm & with pressure range from 2.5 to 16kgf/cm2. 

HDPE Pipes Are In Compliance With
Various national & International standards like

  • IS : 14151 HDPE Pipes for Sprinkler Irrigation System
  • IS: 4984 HDPE Pipes for Potable Water Supply.

Technical & economic benefits of PE system

  • Highest 'C' value of over 150 throughout the life
  • Lowest frictional losses thus low pumping cost
  • Chemically-inert can carry acidic & alkaline fluids
  • No incrustation / scale formation-remains smooth bore, superior flow characteristic

Durability Of HDPE Pipes
The HDPE Pipe has an expected Life Span of 80 years, owing to the following reasons

  • A flexible pipe in long lengths
  • Weathering resistance extremely good
  • Joints are leak proof, very strong & don't buckle under soil load
  • Resistance to corrosion & abrasion
  • Excellent water hammer characteristics